"Teaching the Bible… by grace through faith. "

We want to provide you notes of sermons that have been preached at Trinity.  This will encourage you to examine the scriptures being taught at Trinity.  We want you to be like the Bereans from Acts 17, who examined the scriptures to see if what Paul was teaching them was really true.  This is what we want you to do, search the scriptures to see all they say about what we teach at Trinity.  Click below to open up the notes for the date you want to see.

June 10 – John 13 – Jesus claim to be God, and you should believe.

June 3 – John 13:1-20 – A Servant is not Greater than His Master

May 27 – Memorial Day for Christians

May 13 – Luke 9 and 10 – Score Card

April 29 – Titus 3:1-11 – Show Every Courtesy to all People