"Teaching the Bible… by grace through faith".

Mark Your Calendars! VBS 2020 is scheduled for July 26th-31st. This year our theme is “Chosen By the King” and the children will be studying the life and rule of King David. From his time as a shepherd to his disputes with Kind Saul and eventually becoming King, the children will learn about David’s life, witness, and steadfast love for the Lord. The annual BBQ Kick-Off will be Sunday night, July 26th. Hope to see you there!


Last year our Vacation Bible School theme was time travel, “Sent By The King”.  We took the children on a journey through the first part of the book of Acts, the beginnings of the church.  We were able to see how the church began through preaching and persecution.  We were able to join in the journeys of Peter, Philip and Stephen the martyr.  The truths found in these chapters of Acts were reflected in our skit each morning, the crafts the children made and the songs that they sang.  We were able to minister to over 150 children at VBS last year.  Our mission moment was to raise $1000 for our supported missionaries, Stephen and Susan Beck, who minister in Frankfurt, Germany.  They just bought a new church building and our money will help them outfit their nursery.  The children brought in over $1200.  Wow!  It was a wonderful week of ministry to many children from Trinity but many more who came from other churches and our community.  Enjoy some of the pictures from VBS 2019.

Click here to go to YouTube to watch the video from last year’s Vacation Bible School.