"Teaching the Bible… by grace through faith".

Each spring the women of Trinity embark on a retreat where they can get away and connect with other women from church and most importantly with their Creator.  They go to Kenbrook Bible Camp in Lebanon, PA.  This year the retreat is March 6 to 8.

Rachel Craddock will be speaking to the women of Trinity, Hershey and Proclamation Presbyterian Churches.  The theme will be: Unraveled.  Rachel’s goal is to encourage our women to practically apply the gospel and grow their relationship with God who unravels the old to make us new through the blood of Jesus.  She will share this topic in five sessions throughout the weekend.  Rachel lives with her husband Michael and their four children  in Mason, Ohio, where Michael is lead pastor at North Cincinnati Community Church.

It is a great time for the women of Trinity, Hershey and Proclamation Presbyterian Churches to come together and fellowship with each other and also to be challenged and refreshed in their relationships with Jesus Christ.

Click here to see the brochure for the women’s retreat.