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GETTING BACK TO WORSHIP – The session of Trinity has talked and continues to talk about worship and what it looks like in a COVID 19 world.  The following document gives you the thoughts of the session at this time.  Pray for wisdom for the elders.  Click here to read the document.

  • September Updated Worship and Ministries Guidelines.  To read these updates please click here


MASKS AND OTHER SAFETY CONCERNS – There is a lot of discussion surrounding masks in public.  Ed Lankford has written a well articulated response so please take time and read this article which you can find here.


Here are some reliable resources in dealing with the COVID-19.

  1. Social Distancing and the Corona Virus: A Medical Perspective – click here for this article.
  2. Transmission of Conora Virus:  Easier Than You Thought – click here for this article.