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GETTING BACK TO WORSHIP – The session of Trinity has talked and continues to talk about worship and what it looks like in a COVID 19 world.  Read below to see the updates as we navigate through COVID.

  • July 20, 2021 – Regular elements are now being served, the bread and the cup and not using the prepackaged elements.
    • All meals are back on again.
    • We still offer outside worship for those that want to utilize that space no matter the reason.  We are keeping the gym open for people to worship in who are not comfortable being around those unmasked and singing.
  • June 6, 2021 – All chairs will be set back up in the sanctuary the way they were before the pandemic.
    • Offering plates will be passed down the rows.
    • Communion plates will be passed down the rows but we will use individually packaged elements for each person.
    • The gym will still be a place for those wishing to worship with masks and not singing.  Outside worship will still be offered.
    • All water fountains will be back in use again.  No more water bottles will be in use again.
  • May 2021 – the new guidelines as of May 23, is that masks are now “encouraged but not required” while in the church.  A space in the gym is reserved for people to worship who feel they need to wear masks and are uncomfortable being around people who are not masked and possibly not vaccinated.
  • April 2021 Update – masks required inside the building for all ministries.
    • Sanctuary – singing and masks; multipurpose room – masks and no singing; outside weather permitting – no masks and singing, bring a chair or blanket to sit on
    • No more checks being done at the door
    • Communion – we are serving communion to people – servers dropping the elements into people’s hands
    • Offering – we are taking the offering with ushers going through rows and not passing the plate
    • Hymnals and Bibles – they have been put back under the chairs and the readings and hymns are no longer in the bulletin.
  • September 2020 Updated Worship and Ministries Guidelines.  To read these updates please click here
  • June 2020 – The following document gives you the thoughts of the session at this time.  Pray for wisdom for the elders.  Click here to read the document.

MASKS AND OTHER SAFETY CONCERNS – There is a lot of discussion surrounding masks in public.  Ed Lankford has written a well articulated response so please take time and read this article which you can find here.