"Teaching the Bible… by grace through faith"

Events List

College and Career Dessert and Bible Study

Join us as we get together for some dessert and study the Bible together.  It will be a great time to connect with each other and with the Lord.  This is for anybody in the 18 to 30 something age range.

Church Meal

A good time of food and fellowship for the whole church family.  It is a great time to be together just before a full evening of ministry for all ages.

College and Career Dinner and Bible Study

Come for a great night of eating pizza, studying the Bible and playing games.  Please invite someone to come along with you.  Bring a side dish, chips or dessert to share.  We will enjoy some good fellowship with each other.

Men’s Breakfast

The men of Trinity along with their sons or grandsons will get together for a morning of fellowship and food.  Hope you can come.

Christmas Dinner – Youth

A fun night to celebrate Christmas youth group style.  We will do a progressive dinner that sees us visiting various families from our church.  We will get to know them and they will get to know us.  Don’t miss out on the fun and of course the food.  Lots of it.

Teen Leader Meeting

The student leaders of the youth ministry will meet together to talk about youth group, plan future events and most importantly pray for the youth of our church.  Leaders mark your calendars.

Christmas Card Making

For this service project we are going to start out making Christmas cards as we listen to Christmas music.  We will eat lunch together.  Then we will deliver a couple of our cards to people in the church and sing some carols to and with them as well as pray for them.  Be a part of this special service project.