"Teaching the Bible… by grace through faith".

Events List

College and Career Dessert and Bible Study

Join us as we get together for some dessert and study the Bible together.  It will be a great time to connect with each other and with the Lord.  This is for anybody in the 18 to 30 something age range.

Men’s Retreat

Join us for our annual Men’s Retreat at White Sulfur Springs.  We will play games, hike, relax and hear from God’s word together.  Come, bring a friend and your sons or grandsons.

Ultimate Frisbee

All adults, men and women, adults and youth (9th grade or older), are invited to play ultimate frisbee at Trinity.  It is not for pros but for those who want to have fun, fellowship with other people and maybe even get into shape.  Hope you will be able to join us.

Church Meal

A good time of food and fellowship for the whole church family.  It is a great time to be together just before a full evening of ministry for all ages.

Gettysburg Battle Field Tour

Calling all men and their sons, grandsons and friends.  We are going to embark on a journey to tour the Gettysburg Battlefield under the leadership of Tour Guide Dave Kisner.  Bring a bagged lunch and money for dinner.

College and Career Dinner and Bible Study

Come out and enjoy a good evening of food and fellowship.  We will eat pizza, study the Bible and play some games together.  Please invite someone to come along with you.  Bring a side dish, chips, fruit or a dessert to share.

Youth Overnighter

This will be a great night of food, fun, fellowship and lots of games.  Bring a friend, and yes, there will be some sleep happening.

Graduate Banquet

We will gather for dinner and a presentation to honor our high school graduates.  It is a great night of sharing, testimony and fellowship with each other.  Join us.

Men’s Breakfast

Calling men of Trinity.  Come for a yummy breakfast at Trinity.  And this time bring your son or grandson.  We want to have them all there.  It will be a good time for fellowship and eating good breakfast food.  Come for an opportunity to connect to other guys.