"Teaching the Bible… by grace through faith."

Each November the Middle and High School youth of Trinity go away on a retreat.  It is a great opportunity for our students to connect with one another away from the regular routine of home and youth group.  Most importantly it is an opportunity for them to connect to God.  It is a weekend that is filled with singing, games, small groups, zip lining and plenty of other activities.  We spend the weekend at High Point Camp and Retreat Center.

43 youth and adults participated in this years retreat on November 10 to 12.  Trip Beans the RUF pastor at Millersville University was our speaker.  The theme was “Legacy”.  We talked about Christ’s legacy and our legacy.  It was a good opportunity to think about the impact we are having on the people God has placed in our lives.  Are we building our own kingdom or seeking to build the kingdom of God.  It is a question that made all of us look deep into our own lives.  Enjoy some pictures from Fall Retreat 2017.