"Teaching the Bible… by grace through faith".

Each November the Middle and High School youth of Trinity go away on a retreat.  It is a great opportunity for our students to connect with one another away from the regular routine of home and youth group.  Most importantly it is an opportunity for them to connect to God.  It is a weekend that is filled with singing, laser tag, small groups, zip lining, skits and plenty of other activities.  We spend the weekend at High Point Camp and Retreat Center.

On November 5th to 7th, we went away for our annual retreat.   The theme of the weekend was “Owning Our Faith”.  This is our theme in youth group this year and we built on that theme at our retreat.  Thank you for all your prayers.  God was at work in the hearts of our youth.  Pastor Cisco Victa spoke on the book of Hebrews.    There were deep conversations in small groups, around the bonfire, during our free time.  It was great to see and hear our youth connecting to each other but most importantly to the Lord.

Enjoy some of the pictures from our retreat this year.