"Teaching the Bible… by grace through faith".

Each November the Middle and High School youth of Trinity go away on a retreat.  It is a great opportunity for our students to connect with one another away from the regular routine of home and youth group.  Most importantly it is an opportunity for them to connect to God.  It is a weekend that is filled with singing, laser and archery tag, small groups, zip lining, skits and plenty of other activities.  We spend the weekend at High Point Camp and Retreat Center.

On November 8th to 10th we had our 12th annual Fall Retreat.  Cisco Victa, our Assistant Pastor at Trinity and Hershey shared God’s Word with us from James 5.  The theme was prayer.  We looked at why we should pray, how to pray, and what are barriers to prayer.  It was awesome to see our Middle and High School students challenged in their prayer lives.  They realized how important a discipline prayer is for our every day lives.  They got to see this truth through Cisco’s teaching, games illustrating the point, small group discussion and even through the words of some of the songs.  It was awesome to see how God was working on the hearts of our young people and also the adult leaders.  God is at work in our youth and it will be great to see how the lessons of this fall retreat are going to change our students forever.

Click on here to see the fun skits from our Saturday night of fun.

Enjoy some of the pictures from our retreat this year.