"Teaching the Bible… by grace through faith".

In the spring men of Trinity go on a spring retreat.  It is a great opportunity for the men of our church to connect to one another but also to connect to the Lord.  The retreat is held at White Sulphur Springs in Manns Choice, PA.  There is a lot to do on this retreat: hiking, biking, bowling on a an alley made in 1886, high ropes course, lego gun battles for the young ones, playing board games and of course just sitting and getting to know people you worship next to each week.  This is a retreat that is for men of all ages.  Some men bring their sons or grandsons on this retreat.  Connections across generational lines can be made at this retreat.

On April 20 to 22, sixteen men and boys embarked on our annual retreat.  Richard Smith, one of our missionaries from Reformed University Fellowship International at Penn State, spoke to us on what it means to be a man made in the image of God.  His final challenge to us as men, from the story of Naaman, was to live our Christian lives in faith, not worrying about what will happen.  We are to serve the Lord with our whole lives.  It was a great weekend.  We pray that many more men will consider being part of this retreat next year.