"Teaching the Bible… by grace through faith"

HARRISBURG – Each summer a team of people from Trinity go into the Pennswood community to build relationships and lead a Bible club.  We go around and invite children to the club, then lead a time of singing, Bible stories, crafts and games.  There have been some children who have come to our VBS and even youth group as a result of this ministry.  This team is made up of adults, youth and children all working together to build relationships with people living right in our back yard.

NEW YORK CITY – A team of teenagers and adults served alongside the Exodus Project in Washington Heights to serve the children of that community.  During the day the team did work at the ministry headquarters – cleaning, setting up for summer ministry, organizing, networking computers among other manual tasks.  In the afternoon we then did tutoring with the children after school, went to a park to play and then back to the ministry center to lead a Bible club time.  It was a good opportunity to live and serve in an urban environment.

CHEROKEE – Every few years a small team goes to the Cherokee Indian reservation in North Carolina.  This team spends time doing construction during the day, then in the afternoon and evening they do ministry with children and residents in a nursing home.  This is a good opportunity to go and support missionaries that we support at Trinity.

KENTUCKY – A team of youth, adults and children went to London, Kentucky to serve that community.  In the morning and early afternoon they served by doing destruction and construction on a woman’s house from the community.  In the afternoon they went and led ministry to children at the local splash pad.  One of the days the team partnered with a local church for a picnic and games, and helping minister to children they had bused in to a park.  It was a great week for the team to be challenged in their faith and in their leadership.

HONDURAS – One of the great opportunities we have had as a church is to encourage our supported missionaries in Honduras by sending a team several summers.  We have sent many medical people to help meet the physical needs of people in the community where our missionaries serve.  They also have some great opportunities to pray with and minister to the spiritual needs of the people.  There also have been a few people who do some construction in the villages where we have served.